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Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is not as common as the more familiar Cabernet Sauvignon, but today one of the six grape varieties that may be used for red wines in Bordeaux (the other varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot). Cabernet Franc is a blend of wine, especially in France and Italy. Compared to Cabernet Sauvignon the tannin is lower, the wines have a significantly lower astringency and thus are younger drinkable.

Synonyms: Aceria, Acheria, Aroia, Arrouya, Baro, Beron, Bidure, Bordo, Bordo Magher, Boubet, Bouchet, Bouchet Saint-Émilion, Bouchy, Breton, Burdelas Tinto, Cabernet, Cabernet Aunis, Cabernet bresciano, Cabernet Carbouet, Cabernet francese, Cabernet Franco, Cabernet Frank, Capbreton Rouge, Carbonet, Carbouet, Carmenet, Couahort pro Parte, Gamay de Ricenay, Gamput, Gros Bouchet, Gros Cabernet, Grosse Vidure, Mencía, Kaberne Frank , Karmene, Méssanges Rouge, Morenoa, Noir Dur, Petite Vidure, Petite Vigne Dure, Petit Fer, Petite Vidure, Plant Breton, Plant de l'Abbé Breton, Plant des Sables, Rouge, Sable Rouge, Trouchet, Trouchet Noir, Véron, Véronais , Veron Bouchy


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ZEHETBAUER Cabernet Franc

ZEHETBAUER Cabernet Franc

Vintage: 2018   Unit: 0,75 l

from 21,37 EUR
unit price 23,75 EUR

( incl. 20 % VAT excl. Shipping costs )

Depending on the delivery address, the VAT may vary.

23,75 EUR per 0.75 l

Shipping time: Ready for dispatch in 1-2 days


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