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Fruit wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by a fermentation process of fruits with the exception of grapes. The alcohol content of a fruit wine can be up to 18% by volume, to which sugar must be added. Fruit wines 'naturally pure', without the addition of sugar fermented fruit juices rarely reach more than 10% alcohol content. To the "wine-like beverages" are produced in addition to the classic apple and pear wine by alcoholic fermentation drinks, which are produced on the basis of other raw materials such as elderflower or honey.

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Uhudler is a wine from Austria that is mainly produced in southern Burgenland. In appearance it resembles a light red wine or rosé, depending on the type of aging and composition of the varieties. The wine is made from grapes of different varieties (Noah, Isabella, Elvira, Concord, Clinton and Delaware) as a cuvée. The bouquet of the Uhudler is extremely intense and is reminiscent of wild strawberries or black currants, the characteristic taste is known as the "fox tone".
The wine is made from the grapes of hybrid varieties called direct producers. These have good resistance to root phylloxera and certain fungal diseases. Therefore, they hardly need to be treated against downy mildew and oidium.
There are various stories about the origin of the name. One frequently mentioned relates to the fact that many people present dark circles under the eyes on the day after consuming this wine, which make their appearance resemble that of an eagle owl.

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