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There are certainly winegrowing areas where grow heavier and especially alcoholic wines. But there are no brighter, more brilliant and therefore more elegantly originated plants in the whole world than in the south of Styria.
Three Styrian winegrowing areas with their incomparable specialties:
Western Styria - a unique landscape of hills - the Schilcher, the spicy rosé that is probably one of the most distinctive terroir wines, dominates.
In Sausal and on the South Styrian Wine Route - in
Southern Styria - Sauvignon Blanc and Muskateller set the tone, while southeast in the Vulkanland Styria region, the Traminer sparkles as a real gem for the connoisseur.

 The first DAC wines “area wines” will be launched from March 2019, “local wines” and “vineyard wines” from May 2019 on the market.


Vulkanland Styria
Vulkanland Styria

Only 546 hectares are planted with vines in western Styria, but from this the winemaker families create an astonishing variety of products: racy, acid-pronounced Schilcher, tannin-accented red wines and elegant, charming sparkling wines. All this, however, comes from a single grape variety, the Blue Wildbacher. Of unclear origin, he has become a long-standing internationally recognized area specialty.
On 2 July 2018, the new DAC region of origin of Styria -
Weststeiermark DAC - was presented.


Western Styria
Western Styria

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01. WINKLER-HERMADEN Sauvignon Blanc STK

from 16,03 EUR
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02. WOHLMUTH Sauvignon blanc Hochsteinriegl

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03. PLATZER Taste of Styria

from 9,52 EUR
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04. KRISPEL Grauburgunder Vulkanland

from 12,16 EUR
unit price 13,51 EUR
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20 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs