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GLATZER Zweigelt Rubin Carnuntum

GLATZER Zweigelt Rubin Carnuntum

Vintage: 2015

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Spirits (Latin 'spirituosa' ) are alcoholic liquids, which are intended for human consumption, have organoleptic properties and in accordance with current EU law a minimum alcohol content of 15% vol. The extraction is done by burning (distillation) natural fermented plant products. In this category you will find spirits produced exclusively from fruits.

Spirits only delivered to customers based in Austria!

More sub catagories:

Obstbrand means a spirit drink produced, distilled from fruits such as pears, apples or plums.

For producing Obstgeist fruits are used only to flavorthe pure, tasteless alcohol. Most prominent among these spirits form the Himbeergeist (raspberry brandy)..


Brandy / Cognac

Brandy ( Weinbrand ), a spirit whose alcohol content originates entirely from wine. The alcohol content of the original wine distillate is 52 and 86% alcohol by volume. The minimum alcoholic strength at 36% vol.
Cognac is named after the French town of Cognac and the surrounding vineyards spirit, which is derived from white wines. As a protected designation of origin of the name is now reserved for the brandy produced there.




Grappa is a native of Italy or of Italian Switzerland grape marc, which is distilled from the fermented alcoholic pomace. Grappa has a minimum alcohol content from 37,5%. and 60% vol. maximum alcohol content.


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